Fee Schedule

Local Supplemental Violations Bureau Schedule

Pursuant to R. 7:12-4, the following Local Supplemental Violations Bureau Schedule of designated offenses and Payable Amounts has been approved by the vicinage Assignment Judge and shall be in effect for offenses committed on and after. This Local Schedule shall be prominently posted for public inspection at the location of the Violations Bureau.

The Local Supplemental Violations Bureau Schedules that were prepared, pursuant to R. 7:12-4, for offenses committed prior to the effective date of this Schedule, are on file with the municipal court administrator and are available for public inspection upon request.

Part I - Traffic Section - Designated Offenses

Ordinance NumberShort DescriptionPayable Amount
10-3.2AState of Emergency Parking$34
10-3.3Prohibited at all times$34
10-3.4Overnight Parking$34
10-3.5Limited Parking$34
10-3.6ABranch Avenue Permit Only$34
10-3.6A1Fifteen Minute Parking$34
10-3.6BOvertime Meter or Permit Parking$34
10-4Stopping and Standing$34
10-6One Way Street$34
10-12A&P Shopping Center$34
10-14Prospect Avenue Closing$34

Part II - Non-Traffic Section - Designated Offenses

Chapter 5 - Police Regulations

Ordinance NumberShort DescriptionPayable Amount
5-15Joggers and Other Pedestrians$25
5-16Smoking in RR Station$35
5-18.1MCurbside Dumping - 1st Offense$50
5-18.1M(2)Curbside Dumping - 2nd Offense$150

Chapter 6 - Licensing General

Ordinance NumberShort DescriptionPayable Amount
6-1Transient Merchants, Hawkers, Peddlers$50
6-3Private Sales and Auctions$100

Chapter 8 - Licensing of Dogs

Ordinance NumberShort DescriptionPayable Amount
8-4Leash RequiredN/A
8-4First Offense$25
8-4Second Offense$50
8-4Third Offense$75
8-5Vicious DogN/A
8-5First Offense$60
8-5Second Offense$110
8-5Third Offense$160
8-6Dog Bites, Barking Dogs, Soil, Defile, Commit Nuisance upon Public Property or Damage Lawns, Shrubs, Etc.N/A
8-6First Offense$60
8-6Second Offense$110
8-6Third Offense$160

Chapter 24 - Licensing of Cats

Ordinance NumberShort DescriptionPayable Amount
24-4Soil, Defile, Commit Nuisance upon Public Property or Damage Lawns, Shrubs, Etc.N/A
24-4First Offense$60
24-4Second Offense$110
24-4Third Offense$160
24-5Restraint Leash RequiredN/A
24-5First Offense$25
24-5Second Offense$50
24-5Third Offense$75
24-6Cat BitesN/A
24-6First Offense$25
24-6Second Offense$50
24-6Third Offense$75