Registration Periods

The registration period for each sport shall be determined by the Director of Recreation and sport coordinators and shall consist of an open registration period followed by a late registration period. After open registration, leagues involving multiple towns are organized and schedules created according to number of teams submitted at end of registration periods. Also, coaches are identified, and rosters formed, team numbers established, uniforms and equipment ordered. If a roster spot is available, a late fee of $100.00 shall be charged for any registrations received after the close of the open registration period. A late registration which does not include a late fee will not be accepted. Late registrations are not guaranteed roster spots.

Wait List Registration

A late registration may end up being placed on a “wait list.” Anyone placed on the “wait list” is not guaranteed a roster spot and will only be assigned to a team if roster spot is open and roster size permits.

Non-Refundable Registration Fees

Registration fees for all activities and sports are non-refundable.

Playing With Age-Appropriate Group

Regardless of skill level, all participants in recreation sports must play with their appropriate grade level. Exceptions are made in baseball to allow players to "play down" with their classmates but if they are older than Little League rules determine that player will not be allowed to try out for the post-season All-Star league team. "Playing up” is prohibited without the permission of the rec director. If a parent deliberately registers and plays his child in an older age or provides false date of birth information, that child will be prohibited from playing for that season.

Requesting Roster Transfers/Trades

Parent's requests to have their child traded or assigned to another team will not be accommodated so please do not ask. If there are legitimate conflicts with practice times, players may be allowed to practice with another team but must play games with their assigned coach.